Living Design Process


.. just fresh off the Living Design Process course and I highly recommend this course if you’re looking to take your urge to design into the heart-palpating promise of what it might mean to really design with and as Life.

Adrian Hodgson

Thank you for challenging the norms of the design process and for encouraging us to feel and interact with the landscapes we work within. The ideas behind Living Design Process can be applied to any aspect of our lives, allowing us to bring consciousness and feeling back into what we do everyday.

Lydia Blocksidge

I have been using this process with my land development work this year – it has been very deeply useful and I have been intrigued with the reactions in my self and others as we are confronted with the letting go of the ‘Master plan” and letting life take its course.

Sally Lyttle

This is really life-affirming for me to learn about this living design process – it resonates with my life journey and where I’m at in my architectural practice – I’ll definitely be more aware of my design process with clients and be implementing more of this to enhance my life and my client’s lives!

Talina Edwards

Hugely thought and heart-provoking. I’m so much more energised and inspired for the future!

A. Nonymous

I have had parts of the workshop running through my head over the last two days. It won’t stop!!! I think I started by saying the my piece of land was a blank canvas. As the workshop progressed I realised how untrue that was. As the day went by it was clear that your process is multidimensional (space,time, heart, smell and more) and require more senses that most people use on a daily basis.

Denny Verghese

Living design process. Integrity, honesty, nature, perfection, challenge, intuitive, personal, well being. Some words I’m left with.

A. Nonymous

After this day of talking and sharing I simply feel more alive. The life and the living and the constant ebbs and flows of nature and of ourselves need to be at the heart of our designing

Nicole OGrady

Everything resonated so deeply.

Brittany Laidlaw