Living Design Process


Learning and growing in a classroom with Dan Palmer has opened me up to a new understanding about design process and holistic approaches to decision making. His classes are explorations into a new territory in which we are all the empowered designers of our own lives in co-operation with everyone and everything around us. His …

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Thank you Dan, for challenging the norms of the design process and for encouraging us to feel and interact with the landscapes we work within. The ideas behind Living Design Process can be applied to any aspect of our lives, allowing us to bring consciousness and feeling back into what we do everyday.

Dan is a natural teacher and a gun at taking people on an intellectual journey that inspires them into real, meaningful action. He’s also a warm, friendly, straight talker – meaning he doesn’t waste time and gets straight to the important things. His one day Living Design workshop was a joy to see him in …

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Hugely thought and heart-provoking. I’m so much more energised and inspired for the future!

It is so exciting to see Christopher Alexander’s ideas adopted, adapted and communicated in a way that honours his work and the current context of who and where we are

Living process design. Integrity, honesty, nature, perfection, challenge, intuitive, personal, well being. Some words I’m left with.

Asking the right questions is really what Dan’s living design process seems to be all about. Finding that sweet spot between intentional action and thoughtful reflection. It is on that cusp of the dance floor of think-and-do that Dan mixes his passionate encouragement, incisive questions and courage to accept the consequences. And perhaps that is …

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