Living Design Process

Limestone Road

In late 2017 we started a new land-basedproject with clients John and Rosie who had just purchased a 70 acre property in Central Victoria. While technically being offered through Landed (a business Dan runs alongside Adam Grubb and Nathan Edwards) we are using living design process as our operating system (Thanks in part to John attending this workshop). Here is how we’ve been using the medium of a flowchart to sort of gently invite clients into living process way of approaching things:


After several months of working with John and Rosie to immerse in and articulate their context (phase one), we visited the land. It was such a special morning Dan made this clip to remember it:


Here is John’s note and photos about the morning:

Stage 2 Walk around #1 Feb 5
Very revealing walk-around for Dan, Nathan and John. Short orientation at the Guilford Store as followed by an exercise in which we all walked across the land independently and in silence. Thereafter, we gathered under the big old River Red Gum (see John’s stunning photo above) and shared what we had found. Dan then put the drone in the air to bring more insights to what we’d seen.
Several zones stood out prominently for all of us including the:
  • cradling of the northern copse,
  • verdant turbulence of the southern creek head
  • beauty of the southern dam
  • seclusion of the south western copse
  • hot open-ness and subtle land folds of the central paddock
  • fertility of the northern creek flat 

Here’s another video where John summarises an important moment in March 2018 when for the first time we moved consciously from immersing in the forces at play in the situation of the landscape to easing into letting possible initial best-next-steps arise:

Stay tuned as this very live project unfolds!