Living Design Process


The power and potential of Living Design Process is already present in the calibre of the questions it starts with and seeks to never leave behind:

how would it go if human processes of design and creation were at one with how the rest of life continually creates itself?

If how we created a building, or a garden, or even a conversation resonated deeply with how a tree or embryo grows?

If, as a practical, demonstrable and shareable reality, every single act of design and creation were a conduit through which aliveness floods through us and into the world?

LDP is a radical and transformative approach to how us humans understand and enact our role as expressions of Earth. By inquiring deeply into where our creation processes are sourced, and consciously evolving how we create, LDP brings new levels of life, beauty and wholeness to what we create.

Inspired by the pioneering work of radical architect Christopher Alexander, Living Design Process does not depart from or aim to modify or improve existing approaches to the way modern humans design and create.

It flows from an entirely different spring.

Empowered by Alexander’s incredible contribution, Dan Palmer and colleagues have been exploring and developing Living Design Process over the last two decades.

After deep inquiry into the space of questions such as those above, tentative answers have emerged.

Tentative yet more than clear enough to already be informing the daily practice of architects, landscape architects, residential developers, permaculture designers, team-leaders, home builders, graphic designers, and other design professionals and DIYers.

LDP is currently being made accessible to others through an online course, and an ongoing membership community where designers are supported over time to hold processes that are more and more deeply alive and life-giving. There is also a book-in-preparation due for completion in 2023.

If any of this resonates with you, please get in touch. We would love to swap notes and explore ways to support one another in developing what for us is one of the most important and timely conversations on, for, as, and through Earth.