This site exists to share the development of a living process of design.

The key idea from which it all germinates is this:

If humans wish to create nature-mimicking systems, surely they must learn to use processes of creation that mimic nature’s processes of creation. As of the process, so of the product.

What are the key aspects of how nature creates itself?

How come modern humanity has forgotten these key aspects?

How do we relearn how to design and create as nature designs and creates, thus re-earning our birthright as a part of nature?

In time this site and associated projects will share the exploration of these questions, and above all, the development and documentation of actual on-the-ground examples.

We’ll be drawing the best of permaculture and holistic management decision making into the rich fabric of Christopher Alexander’s work.

Though this started as one person’s attempt to make better sense of their own design work, living design process has already grown into a (very small) global network of collaborating practitioners.

Exciting times indeed. Stay tuned to participate in how it all unfolds from here.

Dan Palmer

November 24th, 2016.

For at least a hint of the sorts of directions to come, see this blog.